Puzzel AS

Puzzel Contact Centre


Designed in the Nordics, our CCaaS platform provides all the tools, channels, and functionality needed to simplify the complex. Automation ensures that agents’ time is spent more productively, data analytics provide managers with precious insights, and most important of all, customers receive a quicker, more convenient resolution.

By using the latest cloud-based technologies, our Contact Centre platform provides customers with a seamless experience across all channels. Customers have the freedom to easily move across channels or from self-service to assisted service without ever-changing devices or experiencing any disconnection.

UI/UX Developer

April 2017 until December 2019

The only in-house designer who worked closely with the marketing team. Worked independently, but also in a team with either the developers with the front end, leaders, marketing team, or team from other departments. Contributed to the branding av Puzzel in the start phase and made several of the graphics, materials, and how the website and the product should be featured. I have contributed to their current product designs that they are still using. 

Puzzel was a part of Intelecom Group before. They split up because they had other departments that did different things.