Welcome to my website!

"Designing With Passion While Exploring The World"

I am Monica, 33 years old, born and raised in Norway. My parents came from China to give us a better life, and as a person who loves to see their parents happy, I have tried to fulfill that wish.

Since I was young I always loved to try different things before I give my opinion. Because of those try-and-fail moments, I found that I love to draw and play games especially. My parents were not as thrilled about it, but a doctor, lawyer, or accountant was my game. I proved them wrong after I graduated from the University of Hamar and got a job right away as a Graphic designer.

Ever since I have worked nonstop, studied Mandarin on the side, even had part-time jobs, a few freelance projects, and done some volunteer work for a few years. Today I work as a Senior UI/UX Designer and Developer at the company, Klaveness Digital AS.

UI/UX Designer and Frontend knowledge

With over 12 years of experience comes knowledge about other parts of the organization and teams along the way. I am a person who loves to absorb, observe, help, and share knowledge wherever I am. Another skill set I value is how I can bring joy with my presence!

Let’s work together!